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25 Years of Peers Partnership Ceremony

Yesterday was our 25th Anniversary for Peers Partnership and the premiere of “Robin’s Nest.” The event was held last night at The Paramount Hudson Valley Theater in Peekskill, New York. Since 2009, Peers Partnership has become a second family to me. The non-profit movie company has produced and distributed PSA’s and movies in New York …

First Preview of Club House Interview

A soundbite from our latest interview with the Club House has been uploaded via YouTube. We spoke with Joseph Davis, Youth Substance Use Engagement Specialist. He is currently helping people manage their life through support and guidance. Additional soundbites will be added in the upcoming weeks.

Peers Partnership Interviews ‘The Center’

Peers Partnership is filming a new documentary, titled “Chasing Life.” The new documentary will feature a handful of different interviews that focuses on recovery. I spoke with Joseph Davis, Youth Substance Use Engagement Specialist, to speak about the OASAS funded Club House at the LGBT Center in New York City. He works today with many …