Title: Chasing Life | Interview with Joseph Davis
Length: 08:00
Description: Mike Masi interviewed Joseph Davis, Youth Substance Use Engagement Specialist of the NYS OASAS at the Center, in the new Peers Influence Peers Partnership film, “Chasing Life” (2017).

Chasing Life is A Telly Award winning documentary film about Recovery from Addiction.

Title: Equality | Interview with Shane Bitney Crone
Length: 09:31
Description: Mike Masi interviewed Shane Bitney Crone for “Equality” during his screening of Bridegroom at Mercy College.

Shane spoke about “It Could Happen to You,” the affects of conversion therapy and the recent discrimination against the LGBT community in Indiana.

Title: Erasing Hate (Judy Shepard Interview)
Length: 10:21
Description: Mike Masi interviewed Judy Shepard in “Erasing Hate” for the Peers Influence Peers Partnership film, “High School: The Survivor’s Manual” (2013).

Matthew Shepard was a twenty one year old man who was brutally attacked and murdered (hate crime) in Laramie, Wyoming around October of 98. Judy Shepard sat down with Michael to talk about her son and share her advice to parents about their son or daughter who may be gay as well.

Title: Fine Lines 2012 – Tony Rizzo & Leo
Length: 01:21
Description: Michael Masiello and Rick Rogers join together in a scene from the Peers Influence Peers Partnership movie “Fine Lines”.

Michael plays the role of Tony Rizzo (one of the minor characters) who is looking to buy “vikes” from Leo. Tony’s story isn’t explained through Fine Lines, but we sense that there is an urgency for this character. Tony Rizzo is a regular customer that seems to follow Leo around and continue to buy “vikes” as cheap as possible. Tony’s actions somewhat resemble the main character “Carla.”

Title: Take It Or Leave It 2011 – Michael
Length: 04:13
Description: Michael plays the role of Michael (one of the main characters) who has a terrible relationship with his father.

Michael is a kid that defines a boy who struggles through life because of his sexuality. In school he’s bullied by kids and at home he’s also bullied by his father who dedicates zero time to him. This three scene clip is from the 2011 Peers Influence Peers Partnership film, “Take It or Leave It” aka “What We Worry About”.

Title: What We Worry About (WHUD Interview)
Length: 02:51
Description: The cast of Peers Influence Peers Partnership from “Take It Or Leave It” (aka What We Worry About) joins Kacey On The Radio from WHUD.

Michael Masiello talks about his character who is bullied from kids at school and his father because of his sexual orientation.

Title: Through Their Eyes: Domestic Violence (Trailer)
Length: 01:14
Description: “Through Their Eyes” 2010 trailer from Peers Influence Peers Partnership, partnered with My Sister’s Place and Break The Cycle.

A 60 minute docu-drama explores the issues of dating and domestic violence. “Because we care, this is what we do. Our national broadcast. Peers Influence Peers.”