I am now actively searching for my next opportunity in the entertainment industry to book for talk shows, news and or morning television.

At my  previous role at News 12 / Cheddar News, I researched, pitched stories and booked talent for shows. I managed guest lists and performed security checks on a daily basis. Along with booking talent, I would greet guests that arrived on set and took photos of them for social media.

Prior to working in news, I produced for a nonprofit movie company, Peers Influence Peers Partnership, for over ten years. My work at the company included video editing, managing production schedules, maintaining contacts and booking talent.

I graduated from Mercy College in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Television and Radio. I interned for Media Revolution, where I participated and observed productions of broadcast news.

I have created and continue to create my own work prior to booking and interviewing talent on podcast shows that I arranged over the years. I am comfortable utilizing Windows and Mac. I can navigate my way through Microsoft Office Suite, AP ENPS, Adobe Premiere, Avid and other various programs for video editing and website development. I am well experienced with office work in managing contacts, keeping work spaces organized, maintaining schedules, and planning events.