Shane Bitney Crone (Interview) Shane Bitney Crone (Interview) Bridegroom Screening

Bridegroom is a documentary about an emotional journey of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom. The documentary focuses on their childhood, their relationship and the tragic accident that ended their six year relationship.

If anything, Bridegroom informs society of how people without the legal protection of marriage can find themselves shut from their legal rights. It’s a fight for equality. “It’s not a gay thing. It’s not a straight thing. It’s a human thing.”

In April of 2015, Shane Bitney Crone and I spoke about “It Could Happen to You,” conversion therapy and the recent discrimination against the LGBT community in Indiana.

I heard about the NOH8 Campaign two years ago and I wanted to get involved with the organization.

The NOH8 Campaign has created multiple events and their team traveled to New York City on May 17th, where hundreds of people attended the photoshoot. The campaign was created for purposes of human equality. The NOH8 Campaign was a direct response to the passage of Prop 8 and today has grown to stand against discrimination in general.

Here’s my statement.

“You don’t have to agree with who I love, but understand that my love isn’t any different from yours.”

Mike Masi (NOH8 Campaign)

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This month I went to Time Square, New York to update my headshots. As a college student, I want these photos to define my personality, my love for the city and the steps I’m taking towards my career.

The photos below were taken by photographer, Jenna Andrews. For more information on Andrews work, visit her portfolio website.

Mike Masi (July 2014) Mike Masi (July 2014)

Mike Masi, along with his peers from Mercy College express their feelings of “hate” and how it can be erased.

The erasing hate video includes footage from Peers Influence Peers Partnership “What We Worry About” (2011) and “High School: A Survivor’s Manual” (2013).

Take a look back at Mike’s acting and interview roles in this new demo reel from What We Worry About (2011), Fine Lines (2012) and High School: A Survivor’s Manual (2013).

The “erasing hate” segment with Judy Shepard is about her son (Matthew Shepard) and the on-going fight for ending violence by explaining acceptance. The segment with Judy Shepard can be found in the upcoming Peers Influence Peers Partnership film, “High School: The Survivor’s Manual” (2013). Don’t miss out on the full 60-minute film that airs May 16 2013 at 1pm across public access channels.

Michael Masiello & Judy Shepard

The national broadcast for ‘High School: A Survivor’s Manual’ is scheduled to premiere on public access channels across the U.S., May 16 2013 at 1pm.

The hour long documentary will cover eating disorders, bullying, depression, prescription drugs and erasing hate with Judy Shepard. The documentary will address these issues that high school kids face, along with the best ways to deal with them. The premiere is scheduled this Friday, April 26 2013 at 7:30pm in Putnam Valley, New York.

After learning about the difference between tolerance and acceptance during my interview with Judy Shepard, I was motivated to record a PSA (public service announcement).

We need to make a difference. Let’s come together and erase hate.

Learning about the Laramie Project, I felt the need to learn more about Matthew Shepard. In Laramie Wyoming around October 1998, Matthew was brutally attacked and was left alone. When Matthew Shepard passed away (days later) many people spoke out from the vicious crime. Since Matthew Shepard passed away, the Matthew Shepard Foundation was created by his parents who continue to share their story.

This year, Peers Influence Peers Partnership has interviewed Judy Shepard to continue her message of erasing hate and notify viewers about the major concern of gay bashing and acceptance through the younger and older generations.

Our interview with Judy Shepard will be shown at our premiere (Friday, April 26 2013) in Putnam Valley, New York. Out national broadcast will follow (May 2013).

Judy Shepard Interview Judy Shepard Interview DSC00954

Tara Simon, one of many contestants on X-Factor has joined with Mike to talk about her audition, her current work and her reactions to performing in front of the judges such as pop princess Britney Spears.

Tara Simon was born in West Palm, Florida and is recently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Simon, writes her own music, plays the piano and coaches others in vocal, dancing and piano lessons. All of this while achieving her goals and auditioning on X-Factor.

Mike was interested in interviewing a contestant from X-Factor to share their experience and to give us a feel of how it’s like to be an X-Factor contestant. The interview with Tara Simon is about five minutes long featuring her current work, bio, how she relates to Britney as a performer and explaining her inspiration towards Britney’s single “Toxic”.

You can catch all the latest from Tara Simon on the X-Factor (season two) on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 8PM EST.