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A New Interview

For years, I’ve had the opportunity to produce a handful of interviews at Peers Partnership. This year, the roles are being reversed! Ariana Prontelli, a member of Peers Partnership, interviewed me regarding erasing hate and my coming out process in a new Peers Partnership documentary piece. Additional information is coming soon!

Mike Masi (Producer Reel)

I uploaded a reel that highlights my work through the years with Peers Influence Peers Partnership. The footage in the video includes interviews that I produced from Chasing Life (2017) and High School: A Survivors Manual (2013). The producer reel also includes an interview with Shane Bitney Crone from 2015.

A Speech from Mike Masi & Jess DeNoia

Jessica DeNoia and I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the 25th Anniversary for the Peers Partnership ceremony.  We couldn’t help but reminisce on some of our favorite memories while creating these movies from the past few years. We would like to give a special thanks to Peers Influence Peers Partnership!

25 Years of Peers Partnership Ceremony

Yesterday was our 25th Anniversary for Peers Partnership and the premiere of “Robin’s Nest.” The event was held last night at The Paramount Hudson Valley Theater in Peekskill, New York. Since 2009, Peers Partnership has become a second family to me. The non-profit movie company has produced and distributed PSA’s and movies in New York …

Celebrate 25 Years of Peers Partnership

    Since 2009, Peers Partnership has become a second family to me. The non-profit movie company has produced and distributed PSA’s and movies in New York and across the country on Public Broadcast Stations to influence our youth and warn them regarding the dancers of drugs, alcoholism and bullying. Peers Partnership has received several …

First Preview of Club House Interview

A soundbite from our latest interview with the Club House has been uploaded via YouTube. We spoke with Joseph Davis, Youth Substance Use Engagement Specialist. He is currently helping people manage their life through support and guidance. Additional soundbites will be added in the upcoming weeks.

Peers Partnership Interviews ‘The Center’

Peers Partnership is filming a new documentary, titled “Chasing Life.” The new documentary will feature a handful of different interviews that focuses on recovery. I spoke with Joseph Davis, Youth Substance Use Engagement Specialist, to speak about the OASAS funded Club House at the LGBT Center in New York City. He works today with many …

Interview (Film): ‘Erasing Hate’ With Judy Shepard

The “erasing hate” segment with Judy Shepard is about her son (Matthew Shepard) and the on-going fight for ending violence by explaining acceptance. The interview with Judy Shepard can be found in the upcoming Peers Influence Peers Partnership film, “High School: The Survivor’s Manual” (2013). Please don’t miss out on the full 60-minute film that …

High School: A Survivor’s Manual (May 16 2013)

The national broadcast for ‘High School: A Survivor’s Manual‘ is scheduled to premiere on public access channels across the country, May 16 2013 at 1PM. The hour long documentary will cover eating disorders, bullying, depression, prescription drugs and erasing hate with Judy Shepard. The documentary will address these issues that high school kids face, along …

Erasing Hate: A Special Interview With Judy Shepard

Matthew Shepard was brutally attacked and was left to die in Laramie, Wyoming (October 1998). The Matthew Shepard Foundation was created by his parents who continue to share their story today and remember Matt.  This year, Peers Influence Peers Partnership interviewed Judy Shepard to continue her message of erasing hate and notify viewers about the …