This month I went to Time Square, New York to update my headshots. As a college student, I want these photos to define my personality, my love for the city and the steps I’m taking towards my career.

The photos below were taken by photographer, Jenna Andrews. For more information on Andrews work, visit her portfolio website.

Mike Masi, along with his peers from Mercy College express their feelings of “hate” and how it can be erased.

The erasing hate video includes footage from Peers Influence Peers Partnership “What We Worry About” (2011) and “High School: A Survivor’s Manual” (2013).

Take a look back at Mike’s acting and interview roles in this new demo reel from What We Worry About (2011), Fine Lines (2012) and High School: A Survivor’s Manual (2013).

The “erasing hate” segment with Judy Shepard is about her son (Matthew Shepard) and the on-going fight for ending violence by explaining acceptance. The segment with Judy Shepard can be found in the upcoming Peers Influence Peers Partnership film, “High School: The Survivor’s Manual” (2013). Don’t miss out on the full 60-minute film that airs May 16 2013 at 1pm across public access channels.

Michael Masiello & Judy Shepard

The national broadcast for ‘High School: A Survivor’s Manual’ is scheduled to premiere on public access channels across the U.S., May 16 2013 at 1pm.

The hour long documentary will cover eating disorders, bullying, depression, prescription drugs and erasing hate with Judy Shepard. The documentary will address these issues that high school kids face, along with the best ways to deal with them. The premiere is scheduled this Friday, April 26 2013 at 7:30pm in Putnam Valley, New York.

After learning about the difference between tolerance and acceptance during my interview with Judy Shepard, I was motivated to record a PSA (public service announcement).

We need to make a difference. Let’s come together and erase hate.

Learning about the Laramie Project, I felt the need to learn more about Matthew Shepard. In Laramie Wyoming around October 1998, Matthew was brutally attacked and was left alone. When Matthew Shepard passed away (days later) many people spoke out from the vicious crime. Since Matthew Shepard passed away, the Matthew Shepard Foundation was created by his parents who continue to share their story.

This year, Peers Influence Peers Partnership has interviewed Judy Shepard to continue her message of erasing hate and notify viewers about the major concern of gay bashing and acceptance through the younger and older generations.

Our interview with Judy Shepard will be shown at our premiere (Friday, April 26 2013) in Putnam Valley, New York. Out national broadcast will follow (May 2013).

Remember Mike’s role in “What We Worry About” (2011) and “Fine Lines” (2012)? These two non-profit movies have been brought to you by Peers Influence Peers Partnership.

To make this year’s movie even better than the previous two; Peers is looking for some help. Support our team (September 9 2012). For more information head over to Peers Influence Peers Partnership and if you can please DONATE to our organization to help young teens and adults. That’s our goal.

The most remarkable memory about Peers Influence Peers Partnership; we’re a young group that’s trying to help others.

The premiere of “Fine Lines” was presented at the Putnam Valley High School in New York last night (April 27 2012). Everyone that was involved in the movie was a part of the premiere.

I explained “Never loose your passion to dream. It may sound random, but its true. Not many kids are able to be in a group like the one we are in. We’ve had a source that was able to connect us as a whole. A way to learn and work with each other. I think it’s remarkable. The best part is we are doing what we like…and that’s really important. And at the end of the day, we are actually helping out people. Isn’t that amazing!?”

Some personal photos from the premiere can be found below.

Mike Masi and Rick Rogers join together in a scene from the Peers Influence Peers Partnership movie “Fine Lines”.

Michael plays the role of Tony Rizzo (one of the minor characters) who is looking to buy “vikes” from Leo. Tony’s story isn’t explained through Fine Lines, but we sense that there is an urgency for this character. Tony Rizzo is a regular customer that seems to follow Leo around and continue to buy “vikes” as cheap as possible. Tony’s actions somewhat resemble the main character “Carla.”